4 Texts You Might Want To Send To Your Ex after a Break Up

A lot of lingering feelings, in negative nature, come up in mind after a break up, making things difficult to just go through.

However, breaking up doesn’t always have to be so bad only if, you put your thoughts in the right way.

A relationship spent together, two people have taken care of each other for a very long time, seems hard to even think about living apart. In spite of all the aspects, when a relationship ends due to your decision still, feelings be vested for your ex.

Curiosity seeps in your mind about the post relationship status that your ex might get into after a break up with you. Without having any ulterior motive at the back of your mind, you need to sort things out in your life and for that concern when you want to reach out to them, it will still be okay to just check in.

Instead of crossing the line, denying treacherous waters, you would want to know how exactly, while maintaining strict rules and boundaries, you can still do the right thing.

It is important that without being snoopy or nosy, your genuine feelings of empathy vibe through and your ex would get to know that you still care about them and for their well-being.

The context of your breakup is more important in this regard and you need to learn to see the things with your ex’s perspective.

A relationship that has been ended after a terrible period of fights and on a toxic note will be needing the space for a while. Here, patience will resolve things and eagerness is going to make things more difficult soon after the breakup.

When the relationship is going to end from your side then it might not be the best for you to be messaging you ex right away after a breakup.

Without being reckless, you need to consider the context of the situation, perhaps, an appropriate approach would be best to react accordingly.

If you are still not clear but you want to reach out with your honest intentions then you can refer to the following texts:

1. If you are breaking up and your ex isn’t handling it well.

You might want to send this:

I think that things would have been gone well if we listened to each other with patience. I’m willing to listen your side again if you still want to talk.

2. If you are breaking up with them and they handle it okay.

You can write this:

I appreciate and am thankful to you for being understanding and the mature conversation that we had.

3. If you are breaking up on mutual grounds.

I was glad to know that we had a conversation and we were on the same page. I hope you are feeling ok.

4. If you are breaking up on a series of terrible fights.

I want to express an apology on a conversation that we had and it went in the wrong way. I’m open to discuss it further if you feel ok about it.

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