5 Reasons We All Need Partners in Our Life

Human being cannot survive lonesome life for a very long time. Parents, friends, co-workers, and spouse are the important people that we come across to share our experiences and to share our life with. To the core of this, I believe we all need partners in our life for the fulfillment of our physical and emotional needs, be it love and support.

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When you start living with a person in a romantic relationship, that person becomes a part of you, who knows you from inside out, who keeps you emotionally sane in ordeal times, who shares day to day activities with you, and listens to you when nobody else’s, that person is your support system to rely on.

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They understand you for who you are and how you function. If you are wrong and lost in life, they will correct you and guide you. When you are unwell they will nurse you back to health and advise you when you do not know what career decisions you need to take. The list of things this person does for you and vice versa will go on and on. Even if you hurt this person, they love you so much that they will forgive you and not hold it against you. But in order for this to happen you need someone who has a few basic traits to be this person.

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There are things or traits required in your partner for you to have a healthy relationship. Love, trust, respect, and faith are the foundations to build your bond with another person. If you are lucky to get all these in a person then give your partner unconditional love and support. You might also end up with people who will only hurt you and disappoint you, and it is only you to decide if you could forgive people to carry on or you don’t need them in your life.

People who believe they will survive without a partner could get through in their life but there will be a point when they will realize that their decision was wrong. There are reasons, humans cherish companionship and we believe the following are imperative for a human being to stay healthy.

To share personal and intimate aspects like joys and sorrows

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At times, a person experiences immense happiness or grief, the presence of someone special in our life makes ever thing easy. Like in a time of grief we need someone to give us support and affection likewise our celebrations become meaningful when a person is there to share joy with.

To share secrets

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A person cannot keep secrets inside throughout his lifetime, there is always a person who you can trust and confide in. A person being strong and resolute to the outside world would only be vulnerable to those who understand and can be trusted and one does not have to be ashamed being weak or down in front of them.

To have an extra support

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You could carry out your chores on your own but doing things with your partner makes it fun and easier. An extra set of hands for the smallest things or the bigger challenges will make your life easier than you think.

To have another voice of reason

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A creative solution is achievable when two minds think differently for a problem. You could easily be trapped in the negativity around but someone close to you will encourage you to look at the brighter side. When your are confused or down in the dumps only an extra pair of eyes or another voice will drag you out of the darkness.

To share old-age with

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You need a partner to get through the ups and downs of your life and to stay with you till your last breath. That someone special will never let you feel lonely in old-age.

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