6 Signs for Your Cutie to be Emotionally Unavailable

6 Signs for Your Cutie to be Emotionally Unavailable

It may be the case that you have come across a charming person in your life that you want to make a part of your life but something wrong about him. His behavior and attitude are showing signs that he is not into you emotionally rather he is trying to hang with you temporarily.

  1. Your Cutie makes excuse on everything

If your partner makes excuses on a regular basis whether you plan out something for him or it’s about changing the relationship status on Facebook. If your cutie is not interested in introducing you to his friends and family then it is really a sign for problem that need to be taken into consideration.  Making regularly excuses about making your relation public is evidence that your partner is emotionally unavailable.

  1. Never there for You

Whenever you want your cutie to be with you and support, you never found him around you. Rather he always ends up in making lame excuses. If your better half is doing such things like not attending your calls and ignoring you when you really need him then it really a sign of you being with an emotionally unavailable man.

  1. Like Keeping Mysteries

It is an exclusive feature of emotional unavailable person that he likes keeping things in secrecy. He will always hide things from you regarding his past and family. Keeping the mystery can be risky because if your cutie isn’t involved into you emotionally than how can you trust him for a long-term relationship.

  1. It’s Always About Your Cutie

If your man always meet when he decides or he is the one everything according to his needs and comfort then this may be not suitable for a true relation because your cutie is just being too selfish and is emotionally unavailable. Better is to pull yourself out of such one-sided relation in which your partner doesn’t feel for you even.

  1. Not Serious in Making Commitment

Another surefire sign of emotionally unavailable person is that he is always reluctant in making commitment. He would insist and prefer dating with you but at the same time he will keep you away when it comes to having a long term serious commitment. He will also not stop talking to his ex-girlfriends because he is emotionally unavailable man.

  1. Lack of Physical Meetings

If your partner is more available to you through internet or cell phone and avoid to meeting you publically then this might be some cause of the problem. You should not keep your hopes too high with a relationship where your cutie doesn’t even like meeting personally rather most of the time is spent through electronic means.

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