Amber Heard Filed A New Appeal with The Hope to Reverse the Jury’s Decision After Losing the Johnny Depp Defamation Case

Amber Heard has apparently filed a second appeal in response to Johnny Depp’s defamation suit against her.

Amber Heard Filed A New Appeal

In the summer, both the stars had to face a bitter trial which ended with the jury’s declaring Heard was responsible for damaging ex-husband Johnny Depp’s reputation in her Washington Post op-ed which she wrote in 2018.

Amber Heard Filed A New Appeal with The Hope

Heard opened up about her experience being a domestic abuse survivor in her write-up, without mentioning the Pirates of the Caribbean actor specifically, the actor’s lawyer claimed that it was falsely accusing him of abuse.

He was awarded $15m (£13m) in total, consisting of $10m (£8.3m) in compensatory damages and $5m (£4m) in punitive damages.

Meanwhile, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor appealed the $2m (£1.7m) hearing compensation award, by saying that the order was ‘erroneous’.

Amber Heard after losing Johnny Depp

From now on, new appeal have been reportedly filed by Heard’s attorney asking to reverse jury’s verdict, either by dismissing Depp’s claim or an entirely new trial.

As per the New York Times, Heard’s legal team has filed a 68-page appeal in which they argued that the trial didn’t take place in the right state and that piece of evidence should have been excluded.

The contemporaneous notes from Heard’

s therapists also included in a portion of certain events, that were claimed by her lawyers including all the document allegations of domestic abuse.

After Losing the Johnny Depp Defamation Case

Heard’s lawyer also claimed that many individual instances in which Aquaman star reported Depp’s abuse to a medical professional were inappropriately prevented by the trial court from being considered by the jury.

This comes after Depp’s lawyer filed an appeal brief on Heard’s $200,000 compensatory damages because Depp’s lawyer made derogatory statements about her, Depp’s lawyer named Adam Waldman filed the appeal brief.

Amber Heard Hope to Reverse

Waldman called all Heard’s claims a ‘hoax’ regarding the 2016 incident. It was decided that Depp tried to slander his ex-wife, Heard through Waldman’s words. However, in the appeal brief, Depp’s lawyer stated that he should not be held responsible for his lawyer, Waldman’s remarks.

Johnny Depp’s legal team also argued that Heard’s lawyers didn’t provide sufficient evidence which proves that their client made that comments, and Waldman didn’t meet Depp during Depp and Heard’s interaction before he was hired into his legal team.

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