Single Young Woman Who Spent Night with Human-Sized Bear Puffy, Declared Him the Best Lover

A lonely pretty woman woke alongside a huge sized puffy teddy bear in her hotel room. According to the young woman her human-shaped teddy helped her in sleeping comfortably the whole night.

As per Daily Mail, the single lady named Iram Ramzan said that her non-human boyfriend was incredible as he doesn’t snore and she doesn’t need to worry about duvet snatching while sleeping with him.

“He was totally bearable… because he is a bear. Yes, that’s right. I’ve just spent the night in a hotel with a rather extraordinary teddy.”

Iram shared her story via British Tabloid where she explained that spending quality time with her adorable Bear Puffy was the best time of her life.

“Loving Bear Puffy, to give him his full name, is a 5ft 7in milky-brown ’emotional support bear’ that lonely singletons can buy for £135 if they’re in need of a cuddle,” she wrote.

“He has the ‘shape and size of a male human body’, his creators claim, ‘with the head of a half-asleep bear’. This gives him rather strange proportions — the broad shoulders of a weight-lifter and a soft toy’s tiny head.”

The weight of her giant bear is almost 3.2kg and it is stuffed with great quality polyurethane foam.

“You can lean on him if you need a shoulder to cry on, or clasp your fingers around his hand for reassurance. You can snuggle down beside him on the sofa with a book or watch a film, or he can share your bed,” she wrote.

Iram further added, “As the website states, he replaces the lack of a person’s physical presence, especially during long, lonely nights.”

The UK native said that she wanted to ship her loving bear, Puffy to the UK but it was taking ten days so she couldn’t stop herself to go to Bulgaria and experience the warm cuddles of the bear in Varna, Bulgaria.

“So, here I am in Varna, sitting up in my hotel bed with Puffy.” She wrote.

“The guys behind Loving Bear Puffy could be on to a winner here. The number of women not living with a partner or who have never married is rising rapidly in every age group under 70.”

Ms. Ramzan also noted that she had already tried all the online dating apps includes Tinder and Bumble.

“These apps become all-consuming — constantly swiping left or right on match after match, before things fizzle out or they ghost you. And not only are more people staying single, but they’re also staying at home, too. Nearly a third of 20 to 34-year-olds live with their parents, according to the Office for National Statistics.”

According to her the best thing about this bear who is now her new boyfriend is that whenever she feels the need to snuggle with him he is always available and never disappoints her, she also said that after him she doesn’t need to waste her time to getting know any other partner for her.

“And while some might think it’s a bit odd to spend the night with a bear, a 2019 survey found that as many as 34 percent of adults still sleep with a soft toy,” she added.

“So essentially, we have become a generation of adult babies: millennials, still living at home, sleeping with their teddies. No wonder the birth rate is plummeting.”

As per Daily Mail, “Puffy is the brainchild of Bulgarian businesswoman Tonia Berdankova, 47, and her 22-year-old daughter, Ina Marholeva. They developed the idea last year, after Tonia was trying to figure out how to manage a lonely summer without her husband Peter, 48, who was working out of town.“

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