Ways to Be a Woman He Can’t Afford To Leave

You want your man to think of no one else but you. In this regard, you have to follow ways that will help you to win your man’s heart and he would think of you a woman he can’t afford to leave.

1. Keep control on emotions.

No man would desire to have a woman who would just fill in drama and make life a living hell. He would certainly going to attract towards you when you keep control on the surge of your emotions and stay cool and calm in hard times.

2. Wit is your infallible beauty.

An intellectual woman is desirable for a man than just mere looks. Being a smart woman makes him coming back for more. A dumb or routine girl is nobody’s choice, trust on your wit and he can’t afford to leave you ever.

3. Never leave honesty.

You want his trust and he wants to make sure that he can rely on you at all times. Stay truthful to him and be transparent, he will never think of leaving you when he is sure that he can trust you blindly.

4. He needs your care and attention even when he is a strong man.

You can’t leave him on his own if he says that he is a strong and independent man. He can go by himself but he still needs you to take care of him.

He wants to see you making effort for his comfort and for small things in his life.

5. Don’t push him to open up.

Men like women who aren’t clingy and can give respect to their privacy. Make him feel comfortable so he can confide in you. When he does then keep it to yourself like a precious jewel because he has trusted you that’s why he shared the secret about himself.

6. Ensure him your support.

Your support and standing strong by his side would always win his heart. He would never turn to another option when he would ensure that he will find you standing with him if he ever feels intimidated or scared of the challenges.

7. Be his reason to smile even in difficult times.

Challenges and pressures will throw your down but you need to make sure that there are always moments to laugh as much as possible. Tensions attract negativity but you need to bring positivity in his life. Use your sense of humor to make him feel light when he is depressed.

8. Be unapologetic of your love.

Don’t keep your romantic sentiments locked inside because your man wants you to be all sappy and in love. He likes you when you are unapologetically showcasing your love and being romantic every now and then.

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